Easy diy rig to test coils...?

I have a hoard of 6v coils (Bosch mostly). Id rather not throw them out if theyre still good. But without wiring one into a bike, testing, then repeating is there a good way to test them each on say a bench rig? I'm not super electronically savvy. I can wire a bike and troubleshoot minor electrical stuff but not much past that. And especially not once you get into coils and shit like that.

Re: Easy diy rig to test coils...?

If you have an ohm meter, a simple resistance check would be a good place to start.. compare to that of a known working coil..

Re: Easy diy rig to test coils...?

properly heat cycling a coil on a running ped is the best option.

you could hook it to a test rig to see if it sparks, but that's a BS test.

bosch coils don't need mounting ground, so it's literally swapping 3 wires.

getting the rpms up to raise voltages is the best stress test.

carbon tracking that a spark can jump with higher loads and voltages is one way they fail.

if you really have that many, sell them to me.

this is the reason i don't read B/S forum.

Re: Easy diy rig to test coils...?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

dc transformer like a trainset or old tyco racetrack, current ran thru them @high amp, if its good, magenet. if its bad, it will heat up visably so as to identify faults. this is only for the internal armature coils.

HT's are basicly universal, 6v or 12v it doesn't care it does what it does whatever....

Bosch are pretty much bullet proof, unless it was physicaly damaged. i would assume it was good. the wire taps and outer case intact = good.

i have a small engine test plug that POPs really loud if the ht coil is good. if its bad it piffles. it needs a bike to test right as glenn mentioned.

Re: Easy diy rig to test coils...?

do you mean HT external coils? most of them if you just use a 12v battery like from a scooter, you can test if they work. Just hook up the ground to the batt neg and then wrap the plug wire around to almost but not quite touching the negative. then when you quickly tap the positive to the coil input (actually it's when you remove it) the plug wire should spark to the batt negative.

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