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Joshua Luboda /

Hey guys, having some trouble with my Hobbit, really rode it for the first time lastnight, hoping for some suggestions. First off it will only go 20mph, not sure if thats normal but it is a 82 with a PAii. You need to mess with the choke to get it going "right" somedays it likes half, some none. Same thing when coming to a stop, you need to move it. To me that sounds like the carb needs to be cleaned AGAIN. Also the PO put RTV copper instead of a new intake gasket, I wonder if this is causing any issues with the reed block in there. Lastly, as soon as I got it home lastnight it died, wont start again, checked for spark and it does have some but to me it looks weak but it is like white lightning. I'm a fan of upgrading things so if the carb and intake come off Id prefer not to put them back on, any suggestions there? I see the Malossi kit on treats for 160, carb and intake.

Re: Hobbit problems

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

There are no intake gaskets on a Hobbit. There's special rubber sealing rings built into the reed block. Therefore, it's very important that you don't over-torque the intake bolts, it ruins the rubber seal. If you're too lazy to pull the carb, remove that silver screw just below the throttle position screw, and poke a guitar string at least an inch into the carb, into the orifice beneath that silver screw. Pro tip: remove the throttle position screw first, then the silver screw. Of the tiny bit of dirt doesn't get sucked up the main jet, and goes back into the idle circuit, you then might have to remove the carb. My friend "borked", didn't believe it would fix his idle, but it did.

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Neil Burgess /

Took us longer to find a small enough wire than it did to fix it. That was months ago and it idles great still.

Re: Hobbit problems

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

It is ALWAYS a bad idea to buy a bunch of performance parts if you can't get your stock bike working first. I guarantee that you won't be able to get a new setup running better than stock. You can get those PA2 to go up to 40 just stock w/ pipe so obviously something is wrong.

Do you have an air fliter? Does the the air filter have the rubber thing that seals to the air box? The carb is really sensitive to needing the right filter and being sealed to the airbox. Also you need to clean it really fucking good. Take EVERYTHING off the carb and spray it with carb cleaner and compressed air. Remove the welsch plug and clean those tiny orifices behind there.

How is the timing? Is the choke operating right? Do both variators operate right?

Re: Hobbit problems

yea this rtv makes me nervous, depending on where it is.

checked for airleaks? hows the filter look?

those carbs are really finicky and sensitive to proper cleaning ,read the wiki on it, few real important small channels in there to pay attention to etc.

but yea might not be fuels, could be ignitions but sounds rather unlikely

you might also just have the variator stuck or the decomp not resealing etc etc

there are so many possible things

Re: Hobbit problems

As others have said, not a great idea to slap a bunch of performance parts on a bike thats not even really running.

I've now seen 3 Hobbits in my life with this exact problem.... someone takes the welch plug off the carb to clean it and it gets lost or something. Make sure you have the welch plug in like in the pic I attached. I had one that was missing, same sort of symptoms as yours. Since I couldn't find the plug, I hacked the head off a screw and tapped it in there backwards. Been running strong ever since.

Learn to drop the motor..

fallout Survivor /

Once you learn it is not that hard... You could have a dirty carb or bad

crankshaft seals.... using the choke compensates by increasing the fuel to air ratio.

remove the decomp, throttle, do one mount bolt, then you can learn to get off the four bolts mounting the intake, reed mount to the motor.

These carbs need air compression, a spare welch plug (small motor stores), and a guitar wire to clean. very finicky.

but the symptoms also sound like an airleak.

82s should be able to hit 30 mph stock.

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