Kinetic Turn signal help

The turn signals don't work on my 95 Kinetic.

I'm trying to find the turn signal flasher module. I figure that would be a good place to start. Check for power then work my way forward. The problem is I cannot find it!

It's either missing or hidden somewhere. Is it built into the switch itself?

It's almost street legal. This moped is beat all to hell so I'm not going to put any serious cash into it. I'm holding out for a Tomos. This is my "starter" moped. So I am rounding up shit I have accumulated to make this bike street legal.

I built a bracket and decided to just mount a 5" driving light on my Kinetic with an LED bulb to prevent overloading the electrical system. It does not have a low/high beam. I don't plan on driving it after dark so as long as it's legal. I also mounted a horn.

The tail and brake lights work. All I need is to get the turn signals working.

I could use hand signals until then. People around here don't even bother to use their signal lights anyway.

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

The flasher is in the frame, above the rear fender, just forward of the stash box, mounted on the left side. See the mounting bracket?

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

I think I found the connector. It's above the rear fender where you described but no signs of a flasher module.

There are two white wires and a black/white wire going to a connector. Nothing plugged into it. So I am assuming this is where the flasher module plugs into. The colored wires going to the connector don't seem to be jiving with the wiring diagram I downloaded from the website though.

I could probably use a standard automotive flasher module. The third wire probably goes to the indicator in the headlamp assembly.

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

the diagram on the wiki here has 3 wires.

looks like a common power feed in (yellow) then power out to front / rear of the turn signal switch.

this diagram shows 6 wires!!! to the bar control.

most applications only do a 2 wire flasher, pulsing power to a central feed on the switch.

p/bl and p/w could be jumpered together to use a 2 pin, except engineers don't use extra wires without reason, backfeeding comes to mind.

me, i'd run the ped, and jumper the three wires together, see if the switch works as expected, and if there's any unwanted light issues (all the other lights)

then make it permanent with a cheap 552 relay.

(edit: link the diagram you're using and i'll take a better look to compare) (edited)

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

Fixed it! The flasher module was missing. For some reason the colors on the wires had faded toward the end of the connector. The pink had turned white!

Can't remember right off hand but through trial and error figured out which two wires to connect the flasher module to. I used a regular 12V automotive flasher. The third wire must have went to the indicator.

I still need to mount the front signal lights since I had to fabricate a bracket for a new light. Because the original headlamp housing was busted.

So it's almost street legal. But I did take it down the road through some adjacent subdivisions. It was a blast to ride!

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

You might also consider switching all the 6v turn bulbs to 12v if they haven't been already. I was constantly blowing one out and that made my turn signals wonky and inconsistent.

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

I wondered if this bike was a 6 volt or 12 volt. It's already 12 volts. The headlamp bulb was 12V 35 watts. O rsomeone installed the wrong bulb.

Signal lights now work fine. I have to rev the engine up. At idle the magneto doesn't produce that much power.

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Your bike is 12v.

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

Is it possible that a flasher can would work on one side (right), but not the other? My right blinker works great, but the left flashes one time then stops. Any thoughts??

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

that's weird, flasher units usually just one circuit, does the same thing just depends which side the juice goes could try another cheapo unit from the auto parts store.

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

Does both the front and left bulbs blink but only once? I've never seen a flasher system that required two flasher modules.

Sounds like a poor ground to me.

Re: Kinetic Turn signal help

Are your signal bulbs all the same amp size, to low it wont flash.You do not need hi/low beam just a head light that works unless your laws are different from va.

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