Where do I find brakes for Korado wheels?

Anyone have a Korado or Korado wheels? I've got the 16" tri-spokes. My front shoes are beyond done and I cannot find the proper replacements.

I measured them (poorly) a while back and ordered some 90mm x 18mm shoes. Too big! More recently, I tried out 80mm x 18mm. Too small. I finally measured the hub in what I believe to be the correct manner and found its diameter to be 86.4mm.

I found a manual online, which lists the brake sizing as 85mm x 20mm. Does anyone else have a vehicle that uses shoes this size? I found a couple British sites that carry them, but they do not offer shipping to the US.

Re: Where do I find brakes for Korado wheels?

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I would call steves moped in NJ. They used to sell Korado's brand new and maybe still have the parts you're looking for. They had cables, gas cap, and other pieces I needed a few years ago.

Re: Where do I find brakes for Korado wheels?

can you post a picture of the 90mm/18mm shoes as I might want to buy them.....

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