morini m01 exhaust bolt/stud

Morini m01 polini 60cc reed kit from treatsI'm trying to get exhaust bolts/stud ! I ordered the kit and don't wanna use my stock bolts ( snapped one off ) I know !!!stupid!! !?anyone know what size they are ? Or should I just bring the bolt/stud to a auto parts store and try to match ? I know this is a very noobie question and I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time ! ! Thank you. !

Re: morini m01 exhaust bolt/stud

Local Ace Hardware had one to match my M02 (same stock cylinder as M01). Not sure if the kit is the same size as stock but they had a few different sizes.

Re: morini m01 exhaust bolt/stud

Thank you I'll try some hardware stores !

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