replacing maxi wheel bearings

So, luckily when my rear wheel bearings failed on me, I didn't wipe out down the hill and eat road. Unfortunately, I can't find much for resources on maxi wheel bearing specs. I believe the 28mm sealed bearings available on 1977mopeds will be sufficient, but the stock bearings aren't sealed.

I'm replacing them all at once. Do I need 3 or 4 sets of bearings total?

Any input to confirm or correct my observations is appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback

Re: replacing maxi wheel bearings

most likely it's just the will need 2 bearings a 12mm axle and a will have better luck at Treats.....

Re: replacing maxi wheel bearings

You can probably even get the bearings locally, but you'll have to order the shim stock, axle, spacer, etc.

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