Quick magneto question

So my magneto is scrubbing on the stator coils a little bit. I'm wondering if it's cool to sand down the inside of the magneto. I'm worried that sanding it could cause a weak spark or something. Any thoughts? Thanks

Re: Quick magneto question

Not too familiar with tomos, but you may be able to just loosen the stator coil that is rubbing and move it a smidge re-tighten and be done. I would try that first.

Re: Quick magneto question

Ny thoughts are that there is no acceptible reason for your stator to be rubbing the flywheel, and you should figure that out before you band-aid the problem.

Re: Quick magneto question

Loujo Bro /

It's an e50. Didn't know you could adjust the coils. Thought the stator coils were stationary. Glad I posted. Thanks guys

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