puttering and dying at idle

so I just picked up a malaguti commuter 2... not that it matters because I'm 90% sure this problem would be universal... There is a bolt missing where the pipe connects to the cylinder bottom end. There is a lot of play so I'm assuming this means a huge air leak.... would this be enough to cause the problem?

Re: puttering and dying at idle


Re: puttering and dying at idle

Axldeziak . Wrote:


> yes

ok thanks..... I assumed this was the issue but didn't know if it could be something else.... do you know what size bolt I would need? Is this a universal part that can be found at a hardware store?

Re: puttering and dying at idle

william evans /

I have a 1978 malaguti commuter and i am trying to fix it . i have a couple of questions. how do i bent the pedal bar out so i can. start it and, i wanted to know how to put brake cables on and what is this and how do i attach it to the bike


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