bing vs clone?

So the bing carb is double the price of the clone... I'm looking at the 15mm one on treats. Is the bing worth it? Will the clone suffice?

Re: bing vs clone?

Overpriced Parts /

Wrong atomizer and poor casting that snaps at bolt

Will make you sad

Post for a used 14-15mm bing on buy sell

Re: bing vs clone?

yeah, you can probably get the real thing for close to the same price, less for a 14.

Re: bing vs clone?

Overpriced Parts /

For mild 50-70cc piston port kits I prefer a 14mm bing over a 15mm bing because :

Easier starting

Easier jetting tuning in

A bit better low end then a 15mm bing.

A 15 mm bing has a bit more topend like 1-2 mph but only depending on pipe.

Polini reed kit no it needs at least a 15mm bing

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