Tomos Arrow R A55 No Spark

I was trying to avoid posting about this because it seems so simple but I just can't figure it out. I recently got my Tomos Arrow A55 back from the police after it was stolen over a year ago. It has definetly been wrecked a couple times. However, it was starting up without a key. They destroyed the front end including the headlights. I cleaned it up, disconnected the oil pump and took it on a few short test rides. I ordered an idle jet, main jet, atomizer, pipe and air filter. Before I put anything on I took it around the block to see what it's top speed was before I added the performance parts. It started right up and worked fine. As I was pulling up to my house it stopped. Everything seemed to be in order so I checked the spark plug (new spark plug) and I am getting no spark at all. So I got a couple wiring diagrams and started to look around. I can't find any chewed up wires and I found one black wire on the rear harness that is not connected. The spark plug boot seems jacked up as the spark plug top doesn't fit in quite right. But it was working.... Apparently I suck at reading a wiring diagram because I can't even figure out how they hot wired it. They did bust up the ignition but it appears to be in the off position still.

I have read every post and wiki article I can find but still no luck.The manual mentions it could be a bad spark plug wire or boot. I know they have them on treats but could I find one locally that will work (maybe an autoparts store)? I was unable to get the boot off or disconnect the wire from the CDI. According to other posts it seems both of these should be possible but I feel like if I pull or twist anymore I will break the wire.

The manual also says it could be the fuse... the battery is disconnected and I have never used the electric start. Do I need a good fuse in order to kick start it? I have ridden it since I took out the battery but could the fuse or something else blown because I took out the battery?

I am unsure about how to test the various parts. I have a multimeter but I barely know how to use it. The posts I found about bypassing certain components to test others never seem to match up with my wiring (colors, etc).

Long post, but just trying to give as much info as I can since diagnosing a no spark issue is probably near impossible over the internet. I can supply photos of wiring if it will help. I am anxious to try this thing out with the new jets and pipe... if only I had spark. (edited)

Re: Tomos Arrow R A55 No Spark

Your cdi box has 4 wires, Red which is your power wire from the magneto, Black and white trigger wires from the magneto and a brown ground wire. One option to test would be to unplug those wires from the wiring harness and connect the magneto and cdi box directly (you might need to make up some short jumper wires with the right connectors (male to male spade connector or spade to bullet connector for example). If you have spark now you know the problem is in the wiring harness.

Re: Tomos Arrow R A55 No Spark

Great thanks for the info on bypassing the wiring. I will grab some connectors and make some jumper cables and let you know how it goes.

Does anyone have info about the spark plug wire/boot questions? Even if I get it to spark I think I will want a new boot (at least) because it no longer sits on the spark plug properly. I don't know if the thieves bent it or tried to cram a plug with a cap or what.

Any tips on finding out how it was hot wired? What about the black wire near the rear harness that is connected to nothing? Would a picture help?

Re: Tomos Arrow R A55 No Spark

According to my wiring diagram and the actual wiring on my bike the black and white wires are already connected directly to the the CDI from the magneto. I unplugged the reds and was happy to find that they could be connected directly with the existing connectors (too bad I already bought an assortment). Anyway, THE MOTHERFUCKER SPARKED!

So I guess I need to pinpoint a wiring problem. Any other tips to finding the problem? I am going to pick up a fuse and throw that in there just because the service manual mentions it. Do I need to put the battery back in there for any reason? I haven't tested it but it is still the original battery so I am guessing its worthless. I have been comparing the wiring diagram to the bike and I still cannot figure out how the thieves hotwired it.

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