Derbi Flat Reed Trouble

Christopher Randall /

Hey guys, my flat reed is doing something it has never done before. I just recently pieced everything back together, but I have zero power to my wheel. The VCT seems to be just fine and the engine idles and runs fine, but there is absolutely no power. Any ideas? Perhaps some of the flat reed guys with more experience than myself can help me out. BTW it's the flat reed on the DS-50.

Re: Derbi Flat Reed Trouble

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Set your timing with a timing light, and do a compression test.

Re: Derbi Flat Reed Trouble

What about pulling or pushing the disengagement rod/shaft/lever/whatchammmcallit.

^ dont do it while it is running!! roll the ds50 until it clicks into engagement. (edited)

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