'83 Yamaha Towny transmission slip

Doug Swanson /


I'm in the process of restoring my modped from high school. First thanks to all who contribute to this forum...much appreciated. I have it running but there are two things going on. 1.)When going up a hill it slows significantly to the point where I have to kind of help it. It shifts ok but I'm worried that the transmission is slipping? What can I do about it?

2.)When running on open throttle it sputters..speeds up then sputtes then speeds up again. it takes a while to get up to speed..I know I need a new sparkplug...anything else I should be looking at?

This machine has had zero maintenance done to it...so I'm looking to get it back into the best shape possible short of spending alot of money on it.



Re: '83 Yamaha Towny transmission slip

Sounds like your fourstroking if the power is coming on and off under WOT, carb may need a cleaning or rejetting

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