peugeot103 timing specs

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Just looking to see what timings specs ppl are running on their bike. Right now im gapped at .356mm and was set at 1.7mm BTDC. My bike was giving small backfires here and there so I changed it to 1.2mm BTDC and it backfires even worse now. just wanna get an idea of where everyone usually has it set at. Going to try 1.5 next.


Re: peugeot103 timing specs can advance to 1.8 but it's gonna get really hot...when i was running points on my pug it ran sweet at 1.6

Re: peugeot103 timing specs

Timed at 1.8. 80 jet. 7 plug. 15.15 - Running way to hot. Going to up jet. And see how that goes.. If its still running whack, then 1.6 it is. :D

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