puch sears oil level

hi this is my ms50 which i think is known as allstate in the USA, anyway im trying to make her roadworthy,my haines manual says i should add 1.1 pints of sae 30 engine oil, it say add it till it begns to run out of the level hole, trouble is it runs out when i have only added about half a pint, iv ran the motor a little to spread oil through the motor but no change, so how much oil does anyone else put in theirs, thanks Ian

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Re: puch sears oil level

1.1 pints seems like a lot, if you fill it till it flows out you should be fine

Re: puch sears oil level

You're doing it right. It doesn't hold a whole bunch. I use synthetic oil in mine, and it's made a big difference in how it shifts, and runs. It's quieter, and if it goes low, it's better oil for coating the gears.

Re: puch sears oil level

Great bike man!

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