Honda Express NC50 - NA50 - Front Sealed Wheel Bearing Removal DIY

I am writing this because I didn't find a readily available DIY for removing these bearings. Also, the service manual picture doesn't inherently point out well that you cannot just drive them out with a socket. FYI what is not easy to find without measuring (you know if you want the parts the same day you disassemble) is the bearing size. THEY ARE 30MM x 10MM x 9 and cost $3-$5.

Anyways you just have to pull the bearings out from their center with a blind bearing removal tool. These can be a bit expensive for something you replace once every 30 years. If you happen to have a welder you can rig one up in no time with a very large half inch socket, a long bolt, a washer, and a nut. I would use grade 8 so you don't blow out the threads when you weld the nut.

1.) disassemble and remove the wheel and seals, leaving the bearings exposed in the center hub. You're smart, you can figure this out.

2.) FIRE. Seriously burn off all the grease with a propane torch. DO NOT OVERHEAT AND WARP THE HUB/SPOKES/ANYTHING IMPORTANT. Just clean the center part of the bearing with the torch so there is no grease left.

3.) Wipe off and wire brush.

4.) FUGLY WELD TIME. Seriously, don't worry about practice or pretty, just tack the nut on the bearing INNER RING on each side of the nut. Make sure you spend most of your time with the stick/wire on the bearing not the nut. Penetrate deep into the bearing, MAXIMUM POWER - (unless your welder is man size, then take it back a notch). The idea is short burst of heat. DON'T WARP YOUR HUB. Don't you do it.

5.) Put the washer on the bolt, the bolt in the socket, then thread it into the nut.

6.) Use that natural motion to just yank those bearings out. Ok actually they are in there really really well, this isn't easy. Try throwing the wheel forward while pulling back on the socket.

7.) Use a threaded stud to put the new bearings in. One side has a washer BIGGER than the bearings that rests on the hub. The other has a washer/socket on it the EXACT SIZE of the OUTSIDE ring of the sealed bearings. Put it through where the axle goes on, slide the bearing over it on one side, washers on both sides, nut on both sides, crank her down (bearing side dummy). Congratulations you just a.) made two awesome tools - a blind bearing remover dealie and a bearing press b.) have awesome new bearings to not die riding on.

honda express bearings

Are the wheel bearings on a 83 Honda express the same size? I need to replace my back ones?

Re: honda express bearings

> Alec Fuca Wrote:

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> Are the wheel bearings on a 83 Honda express the same size? I need to

> replace my back ones?

I don't believe the rear wheel has any bearings . Isn't it splined to fit on the final drive ?

Here's a link to the parts fiche . Make that fiche your dear friend , as it will tell you things with certainty .

Re: honda express bearings

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

Please put in the Wiki

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