JAWA 210 Compression

Geno Pittsburgh /

What is should the compression be for a 1983 JAWA 210?

I'm getting 50 but I think thats too low

Let me know


Re: JAWA 210 Compression

Bill Habekost Jr. /

I could guess at least 125 psi to get you up the road

Re: JAWA 210 Compression

fallout Survivor /

at least 110 psi....

It would be amazing if it really was 50 and started... suggests bad technique or bad guage. Try another compression guage and another person to do the measurement.

try before and after adding 1/2 teaspoon of oil in the piston... Big differences suggest bad rings , worn top end. (edited)

Re: JAWA 210 Compression

Geno Pittsburgh /

Thanks...I installed new piston, piston rings...

Have the original gaskets from 1983...I will replace them and see how it goes


Re: JAWA 210 Compression

A lot of people forget to hold the throttle open when they test compression.That can make a big difference. don-ohio (:^)

Re: JAWA 210 Compression

matt boda1nz /

a propper compression gauge needs to have a one way valve (Schrader valve) at the cylinder head and a one way valve at the compression gauge. otherwise your readings are going to be low.

Re: JAWA 210 Compression

Blukas Lukas /

I know this is an old post, but My jawa 210 makes 50 psi hot and cold too, what a shame, piston is destroyed even though it only has 1000 miles on it, i did forget to open the throttle though, ill have to try that out. Somehow it still has plenty of power and pulls me up to 30 mph in at least 10 secs. (edited)

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