Peugeot 103

Charles Sullivan /

Have a 70's? vintage Peugeot 103 moped that I would like to have running, but have zero information / knowledge on where to start. Would appreciate any references / resources to boot strap me into wind in my face. Also, if there is a mechanic / enthusiast in the Sacramento, CA area, please drop me a note. Absolute moped newbie here, but do know a screw from a nail. Thanks in advance. :-)

Re: Peugeot 103

Post up pics of the bike and see if anyone would agree to help. Could be simple, could be a lot to get a bike that has not run in years road worthy.

You would need to bring the bike and leave it. Most guys that respond to people wanting repairs are trustworthy and arnt going to steal your bike.

Re: Peugeot 103

clean the tank, replace the petcock (probably), take the carb off and clean it first...

my 103 was in pretty bad shape when I got it but ya only need to make sure you have 3 elements in place...

fuel delivery

spark (at the right time)

air supply

if you keep that in mind then things start to make sense...

Re: Peugeot 103

Re: Peugeot 103

Re: Peugeot 103

Brandon Compton /

Before you start cleaning everything, take your spark plug off and replace it with a new plug like an NGK B7HS, and put a few drops (I usually put a little under a cap full, and try to spread on top of the piston to make it even) of two stroke directly on the piston before you check for compression and spark. Give the two stroke oil a few moments to leak in there, then turn the flywheel, that brass or silver thing on the right sight and see if you are to move the piston. If so, then take the spark plug off and hold it against the head of the cylinder, and have a friend pedal the bike, and see if it produces spark. Best to do this in a dark area so you can see the spark.

If so, then move on to what Matt said, and clean your tank and carb, then replace those fuel lines. (edited)

Re: Peugeot 103

Alternately, you can hold the spark plug in your hand and see if it shocks you.

Kidding, don't do that.

Re: Peugeot 103

Charles Sullivan /


Appreciate the tips, references, & satire on the basics. Realized that an old 'ped may not be of interest to someone who works on Kawasaki Ninjas; wasn't implying anything else. Moby Dick: I have been bit by meggers before, so appreciate the warning. "Here... hold this for me." I prefer to not be the ground link. :-) Pics of the beast in the works. Thanks again all.

Re: Peugeot 103

Charles Sullivan /

Ok, here are some pix. A couple got lost in translation, so mentally piece the stuff together for a panoramic view. :-) Have three more so next post please.


Re: Peugeot 103

Charles Sullivan /

Overall, a bit of rust, faded one side, but appears all the parts and pieces are there. Suspect some pieces may need replacement, is there a source for parts? Also, re: cleaning the fuel tank, since it seems to be part of the frame, how does one clean it? A gimbal rotisserie chassis frame? Thanks.


Re: Peugeot 103

couple observations:

complete looking, not abused with modifications, typical barn find

looks like 70 miles, might be the remnants of the first tank of gas still in it.

ridge of rust in the cylinder may need addressed before trying to start.

hartung collection vids made me wince, pulling 70 y/o motors out and dry firing them.

common ped, plenty - o - parts, medium difficulty among peds.

decide where you want to go with it, be realistic, pristine concours, survivor, daily driver, full blown racer?

every bit of rubber is decrepid, tires, gaskets and seals, all should be considered for replacement, or pay the penalty.

grease is cheap, find and replace it everywhere.

i perfer the restoration checklist over freds guide, as it's more aimed to your situation.

impressive for it to peg the speedo hard enough to bend like that.

welcome to fantasy island, i mean Moped Army

Re: Peugeot 103

Definately a niice find tho'

Read the. Wiki regarding. Cleaning the tank...

Download the clymers manual from there too...invaluable resource

Re: Peugeot 103

I can make this bike run. You would have to bring it to the shop where I do my work. PM me.

I've just been looking for an excuse to buy a set of metric tools.

Re: Peugeot 103

Let's see,now that one probably isn't variator driven,right? The 102 was?Clutch probably stuck and will need taken apart and lubed up.Been too long for me.

NICE find! You'll get that going quickly.Any varnish that carb cleaner won't soften,use steam to remove it, or soften it for removing. Like was said,the tank may be full of varnish or the carb and lines too. don-ohio (:^)

Re: Peugeot 103

103 variated for sure...I would use the vineger method on the tank first...if that doesn't clean it move on to Evaporust...I. Love that stuff!

Re: Peugeot 103

Okay,so it's variated? That's great!

Vinegar will remove some rust, but for gas that's varnished,it'll take a strong solvent or heat. don-ohio

Re: 78 Honda express

I need a mechanic in Sacramento area to fix my 78 Hond express moped, it is hard to start, and leaking gas. Anyone want to take a look at it?

Re: 78 Honda express

Brent Bublitz /

John Kwong Wrote:


> I need a mechanic in Sacramento area to fix my 78

> Hond express moped, it is hard to start, and

> leaking gas. Anyone want to take a look at it?

You might want to start your own thread instead of hijacking an unrelated thread from 3 1/2 months ago.

Re: 78 Honda express

I saw Honda and thought what does that got to do with a Peugeot? Oh NOTHING!

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