removing 45 year old fork seals

finally getting around to rebuilding my k10 forks, unfortunately the fork seals are coming out in little shreds instead of 1 solid piece. got most of it out except the outer edge of the seal, i don't want to scrape too much and risk damage to the outer sealing surface, got any tips? is there something i can soak the "fork boss" in that will help remove the rubber without damaging the chrome?

Re: removing 45 year old fork seals

Yea I doing kx 80 that were abused. Everything is a mess good luck.

Re: removing 45 year old fork seals

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Propane torch. Just a little heat will let it loose it's grip. Heat the outer edge of the fork, not the seal. Use wood or a piece of hard plastic to dig it out.

Re: removing 45 year old fork seals

I just ran into this problem myself. First i had to tear all the rubber out of the seal. I placed the fork boss on a rubber surface (they dent easily) and used a length of pipe and a mallet to tap the metal part of the seal out of the boss. Those suckers do not want to come out without a fight. (edited)

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