I exploded my starting springs..Jawa210

So i was kicking over my Jawa and the starting clutch was acting weird, like it was partly catching. i took off the cover and spun the pedals quite fast and the arms swung out and caught on the petcock lever and flew off.... the spring stretched out to like 6 inches long .. i was looking around on treats and saw a bunch of springs but idk if they're the proper tension/ mounting style

unmolested spring


startspring jawa.jpg

Re: I exploded my starting springs..Jawa210

Edit : I maybe bigheaded but i refuse to buy 1.00$ worth of parts and wait 5 weeks from that Ebay seller.

My question is- are there similar springs that can be used in place? I dont think it would matter if they're too tight, but too loose and the clutch may not fully retract.



https://www.treatland.tv/polini-clutch-springs-set-for-honda-HOBBIT-p/hobbit-polini-clutch-spring-x3.htm (edited)

Re: I exploded my starting springs..Jawa210

nobody knows, or cares.. oh well thanks anyway

Re: I exploded my starting springs..Jawa210

The link I sent you is from a seller in the US, why would it take 5 weeks?

Re: I exploded my starting springs..Jawa210

Anyway if you're in a rush, or don't want to pay a few dollars for NOS jawa springs you can go to lowes, ace, or whatever hardware store you have locally. Get a similar sized spring, with a similar wire thickness. Cut the spring down to the correct length, and bend one side to match the stock spring. Starter clutch springs don't need much tension, like a regular clutch spring does.

Re: I exploded my starting springs..Jawa210

oh sorry! thank you..

Re: I exploded my starting springs..Jawa210

yea, i'd tryn find a match locally, most harware stores have a good selection. alternately you can kindof get away without the springs, it just makes it impossible to roll it without it wanting to start. i've done that before, not on a jawa, but it still works. maybe wears out pads a little faster, but it's a decent temp solution.

Re: I exploded my starting springs..Jawa210

John Warren IhazJawas /

yeah i been without springs for over six months i just disengage the engine when i want to roll it but i have yet to find comparable springs so im holding off till i really need them

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