reuse wrist pin?

installing my first kit...the wrist pin that came with the kit is too won't seat far enough into the new piston to allow the other circlip to sit in the groove

seriously, it's about 3mm longer than the stock wrist pin...can i use the old wrist pin?

Re: reuse wrist pin?

You can but it is defective then. Have it replaced.

Re: reuse wrist pin?

My self I would knock of the extra length using a flapper disk style grinder.

You can really keep the cut square and sharp with one of these.

Re: reuse wrist pin?

Matt Madden /

thought about that but don't have a grinder...that shit is hard!

Re: reuse wrist pin?

Brent Bublitz /

Re: reuse wrist pin?

John Warren IhazJawas /

if its cleaned and oiled i dont see why you cant check for any warping

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