Jawa bogging down

John Warren IhazJawas /

so yesterday and this morning i got on the bike and drovet it a few hudred feet after which it starts to bog down hesitating and i can throttle but it feels like its fighting i get off shut it down kick it started and its fine what could be causing this? clogged fuel line? spark seems fine why is it fine after restarting?

Re: Jawa bogging down

Mine does this too. . in the workshopmanual on jawamoped.com it says it could be-

- clogged air cleaner, clogged exhaust silencer, clogged main jet or fuel line

- damaged / leaky crankcase sealing ring

- damaged piston , cylinder , or rings

- leaky cylinder head

- maladjusted ignition advance

- overheated engine

- faulty cable terminal, sparkplug, or ignition

- imperfectly vented fuel tank

could be your jetting , float stuck open causing flooding, or bad thyristor too

good luck !

Re: Jawa bogging down

where is your float set?

the service manual has it even with the end of the jet holder, but i think that's too low.

i'm about to open this one back up to reset it higher, suggestions?

Re: Jawa bogging down


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Hope all's well.

Re: Jawa bogging down

John Warren IhazJawas /

so it seems to run fine when its not wet so it must be getting water somewhere maybe the spark plug boot? it was recently changed to a water proof one so dont know why it would be getting wet grrr i hate that now i have to worry about getting wet during the day when im at work

Re: Jawa bogging down

Andrew Squiggman /

wear a rain coat

Re: Jawa bogging down

John Warren IhazJawas /

yeah i do but i dont care if I get wet its the moped i was thinking of inventing a moped condom you know to keep the STDs off while im parked i really hate coming out after work and seeing all them hanging off my moped shes a whore so i need to make sure shes clean before i ride

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