Suzuki FA50 strange noise..

Austin Sanford /

Hi folks,

Just got my 1982 Suzuki FA50 running last night. Driving it around the block a few times I noticed a constant, loud sound coming from right beneath me. It had a sound similar to that of worn brakes being applied - not quite a grinding but definitely metal on metal. At first I thought it might be the old brakes or something inside the wheel housing.

So I removed the front tire this morning, cleaned things up, and added some grease for lubrication. The brakes looked fine and do work fine.

I took it out again after this and the sound was still there. Also I noticed that the engine could not keep its idle like it did last night. It would peter out after 20-25 seconds even after going 1/2 throttle.

Then when I got to about 20mph, I promptly shut the engine off, let the thing coast, and listened. The 'grinding' sound instantly went away and the sound of the tires moving was all that was left. This wasn't the sound I had been hearing, so I am inclined to think it's coming from somewhere in the engine.

A bearing in the transmission? Piston or cylinder? Maybe it's just the back tire (I will clean that one up tomorrow). It just kinda sounds like some lubrication needs to be somewhere... things sound dry, and the scooters movement seems under tension and friction.

Any ideas?

- Austin

Re: Suzuki FA50 strange noise..

Old Greg Motorcityriot /

how long had it been sitting your carb may need cleaning for your noise listen in the transmission area while spinning back tire by hand see if you can hear the noise..if you cant hear anything its probably in motor..also check oil in trans there is a bolt with an aluminum washer in it that is how check oil level in trans

Re: Suzuki FA50 strange noise..

Austin Sanford /

The carb is fresh and clean. Just cleaned and installed last night.

While pushing it backwards, you can hear every thing in the crank moving around, but I can't say its the same sound I am experiencing.

Transmission oil was changed a few days ago. I put in 500ml and there are no leaks but I will check its level later.

I've never had one of these things, nor heard what they sound like. Maybe it's supposed to sound like this?

Re: Suzuki FA50 strange noise..

Old Greg Motorcityriot /

they sound like any other 2 stroke they are a little noisy in the trans but they are gear and chain might be worth while to pull the side cover off and inspect trans for any signs of a bad bearing or gear while the cover is off you can also spin the motor by hand as the clutch will be exposed just remove plug so the motor will spin free you can then see if it is the motor itself making the noise

Re: Suzuki FA50 strange noise..

it might be a really good idea to not run or ride it again until you find out. it's not supposed to make that noise.

Re: Suzuki FA50 strange noise..

Does the sound change very much when you are off throttle (decelerating with engine running)?

Re: Suzuki FA50 strange noise..

Austin Sanford /

The sounds doesn't change much when off throttle. In other words it is constant. When decelerating with the engine running, the sounds intensity seems to be in relation with the speed.

This is what makes me think it could be something like the piston in the cylinder. The new gaskets arrive today so I will be pulling the cover off to snoop around to see if it's bearings, as well as the cylinder and inspecting the piston and cylinder.

Any quicks on what I should look for that might be suspicious?

(maybe I'll try and take a video..)

How NOT to put your transmission back together (Suzuki FA50)

Austin Sanford /

Well, you'll never guess what I found today when I opened up the cover and took a gander down into the transmission.

Apparently the gentleman that put this trans back together got a few things missing and backwards. First the washer that this drive gear sits against was missing. Additionally the gear itself was put in the opposite way.

You can see where the chain was literally scraping against it. The gouge marks are incredible. I'm surprised the chain actually held up. There was just no clearance for the chain to get by.

No doubt this is the sound that I was hearing (at 25 too....)

Gonna head to hardware store in the morning and see if I can't find the right sized washer. I'll get this thing rolling real nice now.


Re: How NOT to put your transmission back together (Suzuki FA50)

Old Greg Motorcityriot /

i doubt if you will find at the hard ware store ,because those (washers)are actually shims yuor best bet is to get them from dealer or ebay or you can run without it youll just have a little more play on that shaft because if i remember correctly that shim is only about .003 or .004 thick

Re: Suzuki FA50 strange noise..

jeffery magnuson /

I have a fa50 Been riding it for 2 years now and ive got a strange rattle noise, when i accelerate it rattles, then at 25 mph its really noticable and loud, cannot tell if it is the engine or transmission.

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