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I have a 76 Puch Maxi. The left pedal snapped off the pedal arm the first time I tried to pedal it. Turns out the owner took a shortcut with a repair that I didn't notice earlier. The pedal was completely stripped and so are the threads on the pedal arm where the pedal attaches. He had put a lot of thread tape on both, forced it in, then plasti-dipped (or something like it) to keep it in place just long enough for me to not notice. No biggie though, I bought it as a project. Now for the questions:

I understand that the cotter pins are a real pain sometimes. I do have some spare wood and two different sized c-clamps. If I drill a hole in a block of wood bigger than the cotter diameter, and put a c-clamp on the wood and on the threaded side of the cotter pin, will that work as a cotter press to remove it? Also, I am thinking of buying the replacement pedal arm and cotter pin from treats, and regular cheap bike pedals from Walmart. Is treats the best place for the pedal arm? Also, would I need to buy both pedal arms? Only one is stripped out. Also are there seals to replace, etc when I do it?

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Yes you can get the pedal arm and pin from treats - but keep in mind, that on most Maxis, the side with the pedal chain is welded to the shaft, so you would have to score a used one if it's that side.

Grab a set of pedals off treats while you're there, it'll be less than $10 probably, if you go to walmart, you'll get plastic pedals.

To answer your first question, try the hammer first, you may be surprised, watch the threads on the cotter pin to make sure you aren't damaging those.

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I've removed two sets of peddles from maxi's with a hammer. And on both of them the threads on the cotter pin got messed up. I've heard that you can try screwing the nut on a little before hitting it to protect them. I tried this with the second one I did and it ended getting messed up anyways because of how rusted in that it was.

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I know its on the left side as you sit on the bike but I don't know off hand if that is the pedal chain side. I do know that it has a cotter on it though. Does one side have a cotter and the other have a cotter AND welded?

I'll try a hammer and see how I do. I was pretty much counting on replacing the cotter.

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There's one cotter pin. The one on the non crank side. The other is welded.

This is what it will look like when it is off.

Re: Puch Maxi Pedal Arm

Ok, then I lucked out because I need to replace the cotter pin side.

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What direction do the pedals go in? Clock or counter clock? I think there 19 mm. Don't have 1. Thank you. Badger out.

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