Re: e50 high pitched ringing noise

Pushrod Fifty /

Could have been poor quality bearings. I brought some online and they lasted a couple of hundred miles. I tore down again and put brand name bearings in purchased from a bearing supplier. Make sure the bearings are non chinese origin and if they are not etch marked don't bother installing them. The tea kettle sound was probably the air leak possible when the crank seal let go due to excessive bearing play. The clutches in these bikes are rattly. pay attention to the shimming with correct gaps, the gapping is described in the service manual. The brass bushing is cheap and makes sense just to replace it making sure it spins freely on the shaft and clutch.

Re: e50 high pitched ringing noise

Andreas Vallgren /

Mine does the exact same noise, sounds like a tea kettle. Did you find out what the problem was? I just rebuilt the engine. Three of 4 bearings were really bad.

Re: e50 high pitched ringing noise


My first maxi sounded like this. My friend’s didn’t. Never caused a problem.

It was so loud I couldn’t stand to ride without a helmet.

The gears on the final drive and clutch bell are probably to blame. It sounds like gear noise to me. Like a big truck differential.

Re: e50 high pitched ringing noise

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Man you should hear how loud the whining is in tomos transmissions, it’s kinda cool though you can hear everything working.

If you’re rebuilding an engine make sure to change all the bearings and seals at once, on e50s you really need to worry about shimming the clutch bell. Maybe just check out your clutch bell relief on the crank? Make sure there is very little to no play in the crank after removing the whole clutch assembly.

After checking these things, my 2 cents is to keep running it, some transmissions are louder than others imho

good luck to ya

Re: e50 high pitched ringing noise

Yep, my '08 Tomos whines like that. Not quite that loud. But definitely whines. Since you already replaced the bearings and seals, it sounds like normal transmission under load. While it does sounds a bit excessive, it doesn't sound like anything is out of whack or grinding. Just sounds smooth.

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