Steve Oh prosecution

I bought several Pug 103 engines that needed rebuilds. I met Steve Huffman here, and paid him to do the rebuilds, and sent him my engines.

I am a disabled lawyer from Alabama.

I'm going to turn this over for postal fraud, and have seen posts that others were also ripped off by this guy. I suspect there will be a recovery made, and perhaps it might benefit some others that were similarly defrauded.


Will Freeman

Victoria BC

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Also, if you have any up-to-date information regarding his mailing address, phone number, or email address, you should post it.

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Good luck. I don't think I have ever seen anyone on here actually get anything back from getting fucked, unless it was through paypal. I'm not sure if anyone has ever really tried though.

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Bad Cadillac™ /

I hope all your stuff was labeled, serial numbers logged, or you have pics of your stuff.

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Emil Kniemel /

is there a way to see a persons forum profile from their moped riders directory profile (i want to see their posts)? i think i have their contact info but i dont know how to verify its the right guys (info from april 2012)

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

With you being in AL you shoukd have sent them to me in TN. I ould have them fully rebuilt in 2 hrs each if you had the bearings/seals/gaskets with them. I even have 2 guest rooms upstairs.

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Emil Kniemel /

i think i have the right guy:,3010154

or its his brother or something. i bought bars off one of them (?) in person, everything went smoothly. picked up at:

182 robinson drive, tustin, CA 92782

phone numbers: 817 228 4576 and 817 228 0393

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Hi Aaron,

I'm still going to need a Pug 103 engine for a hardtail I've yet to restore. I've done 2 103 sports, and had Huffman doing the rebuilds because he's in California and I live in Victoria BC now. I still have scoots in Alabama too, but I was waiting until we bought a house here with a huge garage for all my toys.

It choked me that he apparently intended to steal the motors. I don't think I paid him over $400, and I will follow up with Paypal, which is also an identification source with a subpoena.

Thanks for the info! Let's stay in touch!


Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Ohh damn I want your rigid 103 !!! All I do is french bikes and trying to steal a motor is pretty damn funny. I get offered, and give away parts for free so even a complete motor or 2 are pretty useless to me. I don't use anything stock on my 103's and I just can't see why someone would want to steal a 103 motor.

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

after 45 days paypal can and will do nothing. If you did an instant transfer from a bank account or a credit card to pay him with your paypal account, then you can file a police report and get your money back from your card company.

If you paid with funds that were in your paypal account and it's been more than 45 days... you're fucked.

No matter what happens - when 44 days come around and there's a paypal payment out there - I file a dispute and have the money held. Buyer usually has two weeks to upload a tracking number before the funds are removed from their account.

don't ask me how I know all this... I was on the brink of filing police reports with my debit card over a paypal incident.

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Understood. A small claims suit and subpoena usually solve most of that. I have had better luck too involving the Postal Inspectors, who are also Secret Service agents.

There are easier/harder ways. At the end of the day, the engines are HARD TO FIND. That part is also motivation enough.

The last email I sent him telling him this was coming bounced - no such user.

Re: Steve Oh prosecution

Stock engines may be hard to find but I just build a completely new 103 engine with all parts ordered from Treats and 77's. Hell you can even build a completely new stock motor from them or you can just order a new pre-built crate motor.

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