V1 finally runs!... Kinda.

I've been fixing my friends motron. And the main problem was timing. I cleaned and reset point gap, and re timed it. Points start to open at the first line. are about as wide as a piece of spark plug box at second. It had an NGK plug that was giving a blue spark, like every 4 turns. I would get pats and sputters. but no liftoff. I put in an autolight plug and it gave an orange spark, but it hit every time. so I hooked it all up and first kick she fired right up.

So I took her for a little test ride and as soon as I hit about 25mph. it would spit sputter and die. (the descending vrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm sound) but if I let off it would kick back on and idle while rolling. Is this because of the weak spark? timing off a cunt hair?

Side notes:

16:16 SHA with puch side intake.

74 jet, stock air cover that comes on carb.

60cc Olympia kit.

Proma pipe.

any thoughts appreciated.


Re: V1 finally runs!... Kinda.

Probably Fred /

If you don't time it correctly that kit will be toast

Re: V1 finally runs!... Kinda.

I think It's an air leak.. just need to find it.

Re: V1 finally runs!... Kinda.

Nope past air leak tests.

only found one small one where intake meets carb. didn't even shut it off. just lowered idle a bit for a few seconds.

Re: V1 finally runs!... Kinda.

Where is your feeler gauges? On the minarelli v1's I set them @.014's. I think you are way to rich with a 74jet. It is only 43mm cylinder kit. Try a 70 and lower or go to a 76,78,80.. and see if it rich-ens.

Re: V1 finally runs!... Kinda.

I spoke to angel, and I figured it out. My point gap was too small. at high rpm it was not open large enough to spark. moved the points over like 1 or 2 degrees to the right and now it runs fine. I actually had a 72 in it not a 74, but before I changed the timing I went down to a 70. so that's what it has in now. it seems a little hot. I got no 4 stroke on take off or top, so I'm going to take it up until i four stroke on top. then go down one.

Re: V1 finally runs!... Kinda.

Since it is a 43mm bore=60cc kit. I would set it at 21 degree btdc then retard the stator completely.

Re: V1 finally runs!... Kinda.

first line is 23 degrees correct? i don't think it is stator is fully retarded but it is on the retarded side.

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