kinetic TFR starter clutch issue

looking for someone in the know about these damn

bike will not turn the crank over when pedaled, took clutch apart and found that the stater clutch is not engaging, shoes must be worn.

hence i think the starter clutch is the issue.

started calling around for parts for these and they are no onger imported to the states

hence i need to know what starter clutch from another moped will work with this 2000 kinetic tfr...thanks

Re: kinetic TFR starter clutch issue

You can probably get one from Zippy mopeds . They specialize in vespa/ kinetic parts. If you dont see the part in their store, call or email because they can probably get it. And in general, a lot of vespa parts will work for kinetics, as kinetics are vespa clones. Not always, but often...

Re: kinetic TFR starter clutch issue

i was gonna suggest exactly that.

Re: kinetic TFR starter clutch issue

preesh has a buy-sell kinetic TFR 1sp partout thread going on right now ... new treats clutch for sale:,3117073 (edited)

Re: kinetic TFR starter clutch issue

clutch is super simple, thos shoes don't wear out fast.. they have any pad left? do they move freely? lube the pins a bit, the springs are really light so it should not take much for them to swing out and hit the starter bell, make sure they are in teh right direction too.

Re: kinetic TFR starter clutch issue

I'm interested to know what year the TFR clutch changed from the old Ciao style to the super beefy one they run these days. That's something to look out for, since the crank shaft is also cut different. I ran a new style TFR clutch on an old style shaft for a while and suffice to say it ended badly.

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