Free maxi

Time for a new project!

Finally got soumething other than a Vespa to mess around with. Got this 77 Puch Maxi frame for a few hours of work on a ciao..

The plan is basically a rat bike, cheap, ugly and fast.. I'm going to spend as little as possible on it, mainly to keep the funds available for my orange ciao.

Here the restoration thread for said ciao(my first build) if anyones interested, hasnt been updated in a few months though, its way more badass now =p,2987333,page=1

I learned very quickly building that bike, that replacing everything with brand new parts is WAY to expensive. Hence why this ones being dubbed a "budget build"

Time to get crafty.

Re: Free maxi

Good luck! I am just starting to wrap up my 76 maxi project. I went the "all new" route and it has cost me an arm and a leg. Full new suspension, breaks, cables, controls, and a rebuilt engine. Keep us up to date I'm looking forward to seeing how cheap you can get it all done for.

Re: Free maxi

Haha thanks man, i'm gonna need it with this thing.. Its got a ways to go.

But i'm in no rush at all, which is good because i can wait for good deals on the buy and sell.

Re: Free maxi

Beware, nothing from hill city mopeds is free.

Re: Free maxi

I am Rambo Donovan, and i approve of your build. I am in a similar build, on a honda though. Kinda doing the same as you budget rat rod. Basically saving the drive train, wheels and front end. Much Kudos, seeing one rise from the depths is always good to see. I have a few spare parts laying around from my 78 maxi like the headlamp, factory jug, piston, head. Keep the post going am dieing to see what you end up with.

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