1981 Ciao head removal

When I removed the head and cylinder from my vespa ciao it was kind of hard to torque everything down after everything was in place but the decompression parts were kind of in the way what is the way you do it?

Re: 1981 Ciao head removal

Long socket.

Just push the decomp to the side and fish around for the nut. Make sure you torque them correctly, I do 10 ft pounds. Go a quarter turn at a time and switch nuts, go in a circle. If you dont torque correctly you'll have air leaks for sure. I had that problem for the first whole month i owned my ciao..

Re: 1981 Ciao head removal

Im having an air leak on my ciao. But im not sure if im suppose to use a gasket??? I dont recall removing one when i cleaned the pison head.

Ya david, i normaly use the ratchet and screwdriver at the same time to remove. I have small steady hands, and its still a pain.

Re: 1981 Ciao head removal

Garrett Sterling /

No gasket on mine 73. Just get in there and don't be afraid to get a little ruff with yer Ciao, she can take it. DOn't break any fins on your head.

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