Peugeot 103 flywheel question..

Roger Malmedal /

Hallo, got a 1977 Peugeot 103 engine with the 2 internal style coils.... got a lot of trouble her, but believed to found the solution.......

On the 2 internal coil engine (1 ignition, 1 lights) how many parts are the "magnets" inside the flywheel..... 2? and this picture is a flywheel with 3 "magnets" for a star coil ?

(mine is break of the coil pulsation....or..


Re: Peugeot 103 flywheel question..

dunno how much that matters really. more likely, how's your timing?

also try grounding every wire outta the stator except the one to the plug and see if it sparks better. also also check the ground connect betw. frame and motor.

Re: Peugeot 103 flywheel question..

Roger Malmedal /

Well...when looking at the picture, it has 4 parts ( sticked to the inside of the flywheel magnetic ring.) i suppose these are for breaking/engaging the coils by passing. seems like some more magnetos or insulators?

These parts are not on mine, just an one part flat even magnetic inner flywheel ring. My engine is bought "in a box" supposed to be complete and ok, but as always, you never know...

Tested the coils, points,condensator, and everything seems ok, they are even brand new! Ohm right on, and with a battery as magneto firing the coil, the spark is great! So feels this are the answer...wrong flywheel, or missing parts on it, or for an other model.......

But , t buy someone else, i wanted to find out which i needed.

Seems to be in order now, another member here offered me an original flywheel for the 2 coil version, an i´m buying it to be sure the parts are right!

Re: Peugeot 103 flywheel question..

The pictured flywheel you included is for a two coil ignition. The outer portion of the flywheel is made of Brass.

The 5 coil ("star coil" as you state) utilizes the flywheel that looks like a solid magnet strip around the inside of the flywheel with no breaks it in. The outer portion of the flywheel is not made of brass and has a "Grade 8" metal appearance to it.

I have found there is some clearance issues if you try to mismatch the ignitions and flywheels. I tried the 2 coil flywheel on the 5 coil ignition and it rubbed.

If you use a 5 coil flywheel on a two coil, you may have some issues exciting the coils to create power. I havent tried it, just assuming.

Re: Peugeot 103 flywheel question..

Roger Malmedal /

Thanks, Nick! The answer does my trouble understandable! My flywheel seems to look nicer than the rest when i got it.....and now i see this is the flywheel for a "star" coil, even if the engine is a 2 coil type. Former owner must have changed,planned to uppgrade, or just was what he did find to put it together for sale......

Clearance is big, and it dont ignite the coil to spark, just some 20-30v out of the integral coil , so no spark!

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