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Thanks to those of you who have helped me out so far with my new variator situation. But I've got another puzzler (for me, at least).

So the back wheel of my pug doesn't roll freely, neither on the center stand nor on the ground. It's feels sort of like I have to push a pocket of air out to make the wheel turn at all.

I don't think this is a result of the new variator/clutch - this was happening before I replaced it. Does this sound like a compression issue?

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Take the chain off and see how it rolls with no resistance. If it spins the same then its a bearing issue, it it spins easy then its in your trans/motor.

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Aaron Aguirre /

I replaced my variator once, and had a similar issue, it might be the clutch pad thats slipping, i had to replace it.

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Thanks for the info so far guys. I removed the chain, and the wheel spins freely. So I guess my next move is to check out the motor and transmission.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but is the transmission not part of the variator/clutch unit? Because this is brand new. (edited)

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Take the belt off the variator and pulley. See if you can spin the pulley where your pedals are located. There are needle bearings in there. They may be done. You will notice a little grease nipple on the outside pulley face. This is to apply grease to these bearings. Also check to make sure the switch on the pulley is working properly. This switch is used to make the bike pedal or motor driven.

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^ Yep. Next step is to trace it back. Yeah the transmission is the Variator & Pulley. Like Nick said check the pulley with the belt off. If it spins good then check the vario. Your variator should spin freely by hand with ease if you don't grab the clutch drum. If that spins good then grab the clutch drum and try to spin it. It will turn the crank with it. the clutch drum and crank should spin full cycles without issues.

I'm willing to bet that your clutch drum is rubbing on a case bolt. Check to make sure you have the spacer washer between the clutch drum and the case after you run through the above.

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Ya that's the best way to describe my problem. Neither the variator nor the clutch drum spin freely or a full cycle without a bit of effort...

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Thats odd. The vario (without the clutch drum) should spin easy regardless. There must be something sticking in the clutch causing the clutch drum to stick to the vario.

Ok next thing, Remove the vario as one unit and check the crank for free spin by turning the flywheel. It should turn full cycles with regular resistance from compression, but no other interference. If it doesn't then the problem is in the crank itself and would be a bad bearing.

If the flywheel/crank spin freely then the problem is for sure in your clutch. Could be a warped clutch drum or a broken pad or spring on the starter clutch. You could have a spacer missing, etc.

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Dude, take the whole clutch vario apart and off and assemble it like 10 more times untill it moves freely, it's a finicky assembly.

Then tuck it in with an impact.

the wiki has a nice step by step.

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So the bell should move the crankshaft due to the keyed hole, but the clutch/vario should spin freely in the bell?

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YES !!!!!

Re: Peugeot 103 Doesn't Roll Freely

Ya I used this. And it was helpful. But not for my current problem.

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