Garelli intake airleak

Is an airleak at the cylinder/intake junction common for Garellis? I've made two different gaskets and they both don't seal, leaking air like crazy from the bottom of the intake. anyone have a remedy for this?

Re: Garelli intake airleak

Peter Murray /

Yamabond from Yamaha or other high temp silicone sealant to be used in conjunction with the gaskets. You should only need one gasket. I have used silicone only with no gasket and achieved good results. If that doesn't work, your problem may be elsewhere.

Re: Garelli intake airleak

it's pretty common on any bike if you've got a poor gasket.

if gaskets arent sealing it may not be flat or it may be gouged. if so, you can fill in and smoot out gouges with JB, and you can wet sand the mating face - at least on the intake piece itself - to get it smooth and flat.

if you use silicone sealer, try to find something gas resistant.

another final not, be sure your bolts are tightening down all the way. you may need washers because where you think it's getting tight it may just be bottoming out the studs and not really pressing the intake on tightly.

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