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Horne Cordon /


I'm trying to match the paint of my 1989 Tomos A3MS which is blue but I can't find a supplier that can match the paint for me.

I'm looking at treating the rust spots on it and give a touch up with rattle cans. I'm also looking at repainting the black parts as well as the engine.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Paint Matching

Paint the whole bike.

Re: Paint Matching

Peter Murray /

If you have very small places that you need to touch up, go to your local auto parts store and try to find a color that is close. You have to use the brush that is usually supplied with the paint. You can't spray it.

Usually only the engine cases can be repainted in black with high-temp paint sold at auto parts or even barbecue paint. Either you remove all the black with paint remover, or you use a degreaser and feather edge (sand) the spots, scuff the whole cover and respray.

If you don't understand any on the terms or what I am talking about, research the net. It's all there

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yea geez, who cares about getting it perfect. black is black, you can find some indistiguishably close touchup paint pens/cand etc at an autoparts store. you dont need someone to get you a perfect paint match, and I doubt you'll ever find someone who will.

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go to the auto store. 99% chance youll see a blue thats almost there, but maybe to light. Then get a second blue, also almost there but just a little too dark. take a random piece of steel and (for example) take the darker blue put in in a shot glass of very small cup, then drop by drop of lighter blue, see how it looks on steel( if your lucky enough to have a paint chip) or F the steel and just keep testing on your touch up spots untill you feel its good,, youll eventually have small amount of a 99.99% match. Ive done some amazing unoticable touch ups like that.. costs about 14 dollars and takes about 10-15 mins.

Even with correct color codes its impossible to expect that to work perfectly as a touch up because the rest of the bike is sun faded, worn from use, ect..

If you wanna get rid of those spots without painting the whole thing, do this..

Hope you were good in art class...

Re: Paint Matching

I had a City Bike and found a great DupliColor that worked amazing for it, hopefully youll be able to find a great match too! Good luck!

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