ATF in rusty gas tank

I have had a terrible problem with a rusty gas tank. I have done the clean with vinegar method and it gets the rust out great. The problem is that my tank flashes rust again really fast. I read somewhere online that coating the tank with automatic transmission fluid will stop flash rust. Has anyone ever done this? and if I try what will happen when I put gas in the tank and try to run it? I dont want to make things worse. Also if you know a way to stop flash rust I'll take any suggestions I can get.

Re: ATF in rusty gas tank

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

Keep your gas tank topped off with pre-mix and it will never flash rust.

Re: ATF in rusty gas tank

try clr or the works.. it will remove the rust and leave a grey finished. Flush with baking soda.

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