Kinetic gas flow issues/carb issues?

I have a Kinetic with a Proma Circuit pipe and it starts/run fine, BUT - whenever I run it, consistently after about five minutes it starts bucking like it's not firing or there isn't gas flowing into the cylinder or something. When this happens I'll let go of the throttle, wait for just a second, and then it usually catches back up. Which leads me to think it's a gas flow issue.

I'm going to clean the carb just for kicks because it's probably been a few months, but I have a sealed tank and a fuel filter so I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be anything clogging it up. And it's weird to me that it consistently starts about 5 minutes in - as if the bowl is full from sitting and then it starts running out and the gas isn't flowing into the carb fast enough to fill the bowl or something.

Any other thoughts on what this might be, or if my assumptions are correct how I might go about fixing it?

Re: Kinetic gas flow issues/carb issues?

if it's a gas issue, only thing that can keep gravity from working is a clog or vacum in the tank. clean out the system including the vent hole in the gas cap, or just try it with the gas cap off. is it jetted correctly for that pipe?



Re: Kinetic gas flow issues/carb issues?

Okay, I drained the tank, removed the percock and the carb and cleaned them, even though they were basically spotless. So I'll run it again tomorrow and see of the problem persists. I guess if it wasnt a gas issue it could be loss of spark. What would cause that after 5 minutes. It's got a CDI...

Checked the jet:66. Would an incorrect jet cause that problem?

Re: Kinetic gas flow issues/carb issues?

Wish i could retitle this thread... Cause im thinking now that im experiencing a faulty cdi or something electrical. Heres what i know:

-sometimes the bike starts easy, sometimes it doesnt start at all.

- if it does start, usually after a few minutes it starts cutting out (either no gasor no spark, presumably, but...)

-my whole fuel system is clean as a whistle

-tonight, it started righht up, and started cutting out after half a block, then just died.

So heres what im wondering: in anyones experience, would the above be typical symptoms of a CDI crapping out? If so, luckily i have another one so i could just swap and see whats up. As im writing it also occured to me that i could have a loose ground that is sometimes grounded but then jiggles loose, so i might go through that too. Im just pissed becuase this bike is actually pretty fast now but i really want to get it to a reliable condition.

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