1977 pacer

jake surprenant /

i have a 1977 italtelai pacer and i cannot fine rings for the piston. any ideas on where i can find them?

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Wolf Wizard /

If I am not mistaken those have morini franko motors?

hmm treatsland.tv seems to be out of them (if your cylinder is stock), Maybe look into a small 60cc kit for it? you will need to re jet your carb, But you will get more performance out of it.

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we had a member rering his piston once... he had to order rings custom made from greece

Re: 1977 pacer

If i recall Moped Junkyard carries them. try their website or call them. Love those Pacer's! Favorite bikes along with garelli.

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I just resurected a 1980 Pacer Super Sport, that had a "frozen" engine. The motor is a Franco Marini motor. I had to replace both piston rings. I found rings at a Chinese motor scooter shop, and they were Chinese rings. They were 40 mm diameter, and 0.5 mm thick. I had my vernier calipers and checked different rings till I found them. There were several 40 mm diameter rings, but several were different thicknesses, and I checked till I found 0.5 mm thick rings. They work fine, and my Pacer runs like a champ now. Incidentally, each cylinder ring groove has a pin, that fits in the ring gap, that you must watch for. If you can't locate a shop, let me know, and I'll take my calipers over and look for a set for you. -- Now you can look for coils for my Trac moped that is my latest resurection project.

Re: 1977 pacer

Thanks for the input there harry. now i knowwhat kind of rins to look for on my PACER SS if anything happens to the rings. i too am 90% finished with a Pacer SS restoration. Will be posting pics once the tank is painted. Woudl you mind showing us a picture of your Pacer? love them!

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