pug 103 seals

thinking of replacing the top end gaskets and seals on my pug...didn't really want to drop the engine and split the case...is replacing the seals enough if it runs okay now...all stock 3500 miles


Re: pug 103 seals


if it runs OK why do anything at all?

Topend gaskets (head and base) you can do on the bike in less than an hour, seals will take you a while. you can press in new seals from the outside sometimes, but that's pretty half-assed. You'll still need to pull off the stator and clutches entirely and at that point you might as well split the case and do it proper.

unless you have airleaks and/or blown seals, don't bother messing with it.

Re: pug 103 seals

well...it runs okay in that it runs but i thought if i freshen up the seals/gaskets on it i might get it to perform a wee bit better...

the seals are just behind some screw-on plate on the engine...I was thinking i might get away with the existing bearings...i can only get about 32mph on it and it has a new sha 15.15 and 15 intake...am i chasing unicorns here? haven't down a leakdown test so i'm kinda guessing

i thought these pugs were 40mph bikes with stock mods???

I should probably just suck it up and turn it into a blaster this winter...i mean it's not super pretty or anything...

Re: pug 103 seals

They can be 40+ modded stock. you can only change one seal without splitting the case and even still that will give you no power. Seals only hold the fuel pressure in your case so unless they are shot then not much power to gain by swapping them out. Better bearings will help you spin smoother at higher RPMs but still no power boost.

What stock mods have you done ? Did you swap out for tomos or Malossi reed block ? Did you dremel the 2mm lip on the exhaust port ? Did you mod the vario by removing weight from the arms and removing 2,3, or 4 balls ? Have you derestricted the exhaust ? Did you mill the heal for high compression ? Have you replaced the stock belt with AX32 ? Have you cleaned any oil/gas residue off of the vario and pulley by using a tall can of carb cleaner on each part ? Do you have enough air in your tires ?

These are things that all need to be done to reach 40+ on a modded stocker pug 103. You will not blast off to 40mph like a kitted race bike will, but you can get those speeds fairly quick if all of the mods are done correctly and tuned in.

Re: pug 103 seals

Yep...pretty much did all those things minus the head mill,exhaust lip and belt...plus I really gotta time this thing...i've heard that is important on a pug

currently -

de-restricted stock exhaust

tuned the vario weights to 42 grams total from 56 grams

removed 3 balls from clutch

tomos reeds

sha15.15 with 15 intake

adjusted wheel bearings

lubed chain and adjusted

lubed freewheel

15mph uphill (was more like 10 before)

32mph if i give myself time to get there 35 if screaming downhill

take off = good reliabilty = good overall peppiness = poor

Re: pug 103 seals

You really need to remove that exhaust lip. It is one of the main restrictions. If you look throught the exhaust port you will see it there. It is not like porting since it is only 2mm high and about 2mm thick as well. Super easy to remove with just a file.

A new belt will give you better grab and the AX32 is toothed.

High comp head will make it respond a little better to the throttle. You can mill it with thick plate glass and sand paper taped to the glass. Measure through the plug hole to the glass then minus 1mm and start sanding with 400-600 grit in a figure 8 pattern using progressively finer sand paper until you get to 1500 grit. (edited)

Re: pug 103 seals

yep...these are all things i need to do...just gotta find time...2 kids and a wife ya know...

winter is my friend...can tear it down and turn it into a blaster then

thx for the help

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