Puch stutters,bogs, and backfires.

So it is a stock za with a jammy pipe.I have drained the tank.Put in a new plug.Taken the head, and jug off. The piston, and rings are good.The exhaust port is not cloges.The timing seems to be correct.I put a new spark plug wire, and cap on.I also tried upjetting.It seemed to run better with a colder plug.Going uphill it backfires the most.Sometimes it shuts off after a backfire.I am running out of ideals.Can anyone offer me some other ideas to check for?

Re: Puch stutters,bogs, and backfires.

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Timing seems to be bad not good if backfiring

Do you have a 17-18 thousand point gap? Are you timed at 17 degrees/mm before top dead center on the flywheel?

Tried up jetting? What size carb, jet etc

Re: Puch stutters,bogs, and backfires.

Well, this happend after I ran out of gas.It still has stock timing.The stator is still in tje middle.I Must say that I lost my piston stop ,so I have not properly rechecked the timing.Maybe that is it.It is a 15 bing.I currently have a 68 jet in it.It ran fine for a year with a 64 jet.Any chance I may have warped the cylinder when it ran out of gas?Also the point gap is at. 017 .I do have a feeler gauge for that.I will try to make another piston stop, and set the timing again.If thats not it.Then I will replace the top end to make sure the cylinder is not warped.I know there is no definite answer. I will just have to keep replacing things untill it is right if it is not timing.Any other ideas? (edited)

Re: Puch stutters,bogs, and backfires.

Your timing is off.

Re: Puch stutters,bogs, and backfires.

Thanks,I will try to make a piston stop tonight,and sey the timing.I hope that is it.

Re: Puch stutters,bogs, and backfires.

Use Nylon rope or something like that for a Piston stop.

Re: Puch stutters,bogs, and backfires.

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woodruff key smeared/ loose flywheel?


Re: Puch stutters,bogs, and backfires.

Yeah ,I will check all that .Thanks.

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