Mobylette 50v Problem

I've had a number of problems with my Mobylette 50v. I accidentally hit a switch, you can see it in the picture attached, the switch is just about dead center in the photo. The switch went down but it won't go back up and with it down the motor will run but it won't spin the wheel or respond to the throttle. Any help is appreciated.


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That is your choke lever. Either flip it up, if it doesn't flip up twist your throttle all the way.

FIX YOUR SILENT BLOCS!!!!!!!! (edited)

Re: Mobylette 50v Problem

Twisting my throttle did nothing. Do you have know of any links that could help with fixing my silent blocks? I'm still learning how to do the repairs on my moped.

Re: Mobylette 50v Problem

Take off the filter and you should see the release clip part that holds the choke lever down. You can push it in with a small flathead screwdriver to release it then find out why its sticking.

Search for motobecane engine mounts. You need to replace them.

Re: Mobylette 50v Problem

You seriously need to change those mounts, looks like only luck is keeping the engine on the bike, with then destroyed so badly it is surprising that you can get any speed faster then walking out of the bike.

It is most likely sticking because the throttle will not pull the slide all the way up and release the choke plate. Try rotating the throttle all the way and then give the throttle cable at the carb a little but of a pull up. The lever should click up. If that is the issue then adjust the throttle cable properly.

Re: Mobylette 50v Problem

Charles Foster /

you can get a replacement nut and bolt at the hardware store

just get the length , it should be around $ 4 .oo

Re: Mobylette 50v Problem

Thank you all, wouldn't have figured this out at all on my own.

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