1999 Hero Majestic Panther Questions

So I get this call saying "we're dropping a ped in your yard tomorrow, it needs a carb, and it's your problem now" .. of course I'm not going to complain about a free ped that supposedly just needs a new carb ( hopefully just a good cleaning) , but when I asked what it was I was a bit stumped since I never heard of hero majestic before.

I did a little searching and cant seem to find any real info on it, does anyone happen to know what engine it has and where to get parts for it, mainly a carb but will be looking for performance parts once I get it running again.

it's a 1999 hero majestic panther, any info anyone can provide would be much appreciated

Re: 1999 Hero Majestic Panther Questions

Panther was dropped off this morning and i had it running within an hour, but it bogs out when I give it gas... other than the carb what might cause that problem?

Also, since I cant find any type of owners manual, does anyone know what the lever is on the left side? it has the choke lever on the right and it's marked choke, but the other one has no markings at all and slows the motor down to almost cutting off.

Re: 1999 Hero Majestic Panther Questions

buy some starting fluid, start engine let idle and spray at various points around carburetor especially near intake, if you hear the engine accelerate while doing so, that means you have vacuum leak and need to correct it, that could be one of the possibilities to your bog problem, also check the back screw adjustment near the air filter, mine is 7 turns out, this could be a ball park figure to start with and take it from there, I have a hero majestic 1995 pacer which is similar to your Panther, Great bike and fast stock 40+mph, sorry but these mopeds are very difficult to find parts for and manuals but there are other mopeds that use the same engine and you can get some performance parts for them. If all else fails you can get another carb at treats which is what I am going to do. upgrade to 15 15 with correct intake. my carb a Dellorto SHA 12.12 and I am having problems with it as well. If you find a manual let me know.

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