Apparent "soft seize": Some questions

Hi all. During a weekend camping trip to the Appalachins, I took my 79 Honda Express II for a ride. The bike felt and sounded great. After not being able to make it up a "hill", I got off and pushed the bike to the peak, and continued riding. About a mile or so later, the bike SUDDENLY died. It DID restart, but felt and smelled really hot. So, I walked the bike back to our camp site and sulked.

When I got home, my M/A friend, Steve Ayche, suggested the bike may have "soft seized". This morning, I digested all I could from past forum posts...and just now I took the head off.

The cyclinder seems OK...but on the one side, there was what seemed to be a ridge or maybe even a scuff. After some WD40 and some light (LIGHT!) rubbing with 330-grit, the ridge is gone. One thing has me wondering though. My father used to drag race a Mustang with a 428 Cobra Jet. ANY time we took the heads off, and inspected the cylinder, the cylinder had a coat or film of oil. The cylinder on my Express was DRY.

Am I not oiling??? Should I ditch the oil pump and just go premix???

Anything else I should be looking at?

Thanks as usual, guys!!

John M

Re: Apparent "soft seize": Some questions

Probably Fred /

Post Several Pictures of piston, cylinder so we can see where the seize was

Re: Apparent "soft seize": Some questions

John Marranca /

I took the head and cylinder apart, and I believe I found where the issue occurred. It's not so bad that it isn't able to be rubbed out with WD40 and 220/330-grit sandpaper with light pressure. The skirt of the piston has a bit more wear on it, but I'm also finding that it can be "resurfaced" in this manner.

I think my next step after reassembling will be to get rid of the stock oil pump!


Re: Apparent "soft seize": Some questions

you should check to see if the oil pump is at least not working before getting rid of it. I've had several hondas over the years and never had oil pump failure....

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