Garelli SHA 14.12 Shim

Hey everyone,

I have a SSXL that I am working on piecing back together. The kid that had it before me took it all apart and didn't put it back together, so I'm trying to figure out what I'm missing as I assemble everything.

It did not come with the intake, so I purchased one from a member on here. The carb does not fit the intake, so I'm assuming I need a shim.

Is this what I need: ??

I looked at the other shims on treats and the reviews said they didn't fit a 14.12.

If this doesn't fit, does anyone have a recommendation on making my own?

Thanks for the help!


Re: Garelli SHA 14.12 Shim

so I purchased one from a member on here.

hmmm, means you could have multiple different types or styles.

better grab a micrometer , measure id and od and get the correct shim.


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