WTF is happening to this Maxi?

Michael Thomas /

SO I am working on a Maxi for a guy, he could not get it running, It has a stock E50, 14mm carb with a 58 jet, BiTurbo pipe, stock air box. It had a 60 something jet in it but I could not read the little fucking number on the Bing jet and it was flooding out, hence the 58 jet. I get it running pretty good and I am taking it for a ride. I am cruising at WOT and the thing jerks and stalls, so I coast it home thinking it soft siezed. I get it home and it starts right back up. Later that day I have my son ride it and he comes home telling me how it was running fine and jerked and stalled. He started it back up and took it home.

Soft sieze? Ring sticking?

The thing 4 strokes just a bit on take off but I would rather it be rich than lean so I left it alone.

What does it sound like?

Re: WTF is happening to this Maxi?

fallout Survivor /

inspect the cylinder and piston, obviously.

Possibly bad condensor

fuel flow problem.

Carb problem.

do plug chop.

Check for bad ignition wiring and intermittant bad grounds or shorts.

Re: WTF is happening to this Maxi?

Overpriced Parts /

Ya your seizing. A 14 mm bing comes stock with a #64 jet not tiny #58 jet

With a pipe it should be #66-68 jet with a performance filter 70-72 jet

Do not ride it no more until you know what size jets your using

I'm surprised mike you didn't know what jet comes in a 14 mm bing.

Never run a bike with so many sizes small main jet.

Lucky for you that stock cylinder can take much abuse

Re: WTF is happening to this Maxi?

Michael Thomas /

So I put the 64 back in and it ran ok but 4 stroked a bit. I also flushed the tank as there was alot of rust in the gas. It may have been plugging the jet and causing problems. My son rode it around last night with no problems. I may also switch the top end because the owner told me it was soft siezed once and there is a parts Newport bike that he wants me to use for parts(hence the parts bike notation).

Re: WTF is happening to this Maxi?

Michael Thomas /

Runs good with the 64 jet and no filter, runs like shit with a stock airbox or aftermarket filter.

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