Kinetic moped ligth bulb

Kevin Garcia /

Hello everyone i just got a kinetic moped TFR and I think is about 98 or 99 or so. I have to fix some stuff but is all ready running. At the moment need to get the light system working, do not have a front light bulb and I have no idea what kind of light bulb will fix on it. Also need to get a full filter but not sure if is 6mm or 8mm. If some one have a answer for that, that will help me a lot. Thank!!!!!!

Re: Kinetic moped ligth bulb

Brandon Compton /

bulb should be a 12v and your fuel line should be a 3/16 line so just go on or and order the bulbs and fuel filter there or visit a local auto zone or so on and match there.

Re: Kinetic moped ligth bulb


I've been on a hunt for the same things for my Kinetic. I searched at every auto parts store in town for a tail light and it seems that nobody sells one with the same pin configuration anymore. There is a company in Pennsylvania that imports and sells parts for Kinetics, the only place I've found. I'm still waiting on a shipment from them though, so I can't vouch for them yet. Their number is:


The fuel line and filter I found at Northern Tool and Equipment. I've found it at auto parts stores since, but it is hit or miss. 3/16" works best but I'd suggest adding clamps.

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