starter clutch slipping and has a hard feel

ian van opijnen /

recently my starter clutch on my maxi has been slipping to the point where i cant start it at all.... i recently redid my crank with a rito and for a while wasnt shure if i did all the shimming right, so in the back of my mind i feel like its related...but i ran a good couple hundred miles with the new crank before this issue started. also i JUST switched to 0w20 synth for clutch oil from type f last week, since then its been hard to start. my cable is adjusted correctly, i tried messing with the engagement arm so that it could press a little deeper and that didnt help.

any ideas?

Re: starter clutch slipping and has a hard feel

ian van opijnen /

so ive been doing some digging, seems theres a little controversy between how many snap rings go on the clutch side.

in my old thread,3119631,3120303 everyone seems to agree that it goes seal>snap ring bearing>circlip>shim>circlip>bushing clutch bell>shim> circlip>clutch

but in the service manual there is only(from crank) a snap ring, THEN the big spacer, which sits on the slightly larger diameter portion of the crank. which means that the left most snap ring MUST be the large on after the bearing...correct? so that being said. i took apart my bothers maxi 2hp and low and behold, it goes SNbearing>big snap ring>spacer>bushing/bell spacer THEN snap ring>clutch. i tried this spacing out on my maxi with his shims (his second spacer is 1.8mm, mine is 1.2) and it made the clutch bell sit ever so slightly deeper which now allows my clutch starter face to be slightly more exposed. theres no way to tell the tolerances without opening my case but the clutch bell moves exactly like it did in his bike..... ALMOST unnoticeable wobble and just enough forward and backward play to allow one of my very very thin unreadablly rusty feelergauges in there.

so i have both bikes in peices in my garage right now, am i ok running without that third snap ring if i use the larger spacer? im supposed to be taking this bike with me cross country this week (not riding to destination) so theres no way i could order new parts and have them arrive in time

and seriously. whats the correct order of all that stuff on the clutch side??are the 70s maxis different then the early 80s?

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