Hobbit issues: SHA/phbg carb

100:1 amsoil saber

b7hs ngk plugs

pa50i bottom-end

proma exhaust

pa50ii cylinder #2

stock head

pa50ii reeds/block new!

pa50ii intake with 19mm tomos header for spigot mount carbs

new inline condenser, removed old

cleaned and set points to 0.35mm

gapped spark plug to 0.6mm and 0.3mm, no difference in performance

fat blue spark

black wire to coil,green grounded,red nothing,yellow lights

no air leaks and tons of compression

plugs are black

I have tried both a 14.12 sha and a 19 phbg clone with similar results. It will idle, but not move past 1/4 throttle without bogging. sounds like a lean bog.

14.12 sha i have converted to a spigot mount. I have the exact same setup on another hobbit that runs a 69 jet perfectly. i have tried jets from 52 through 82, no dice. i have tried multiple airfilters, still bogs out once i give it a little throttle.

19phbg uses a w7 needle and stock idle/pilot. I have had some success with a 69-72 main jets, but only at idle. I know the main jets don't even affect the idle with a phbg, so it's the idle jet. I have tried the needle at every notch, same thing happens when i give it gas...it just dies...bogs out.

any tips or ideas? (edited)

Re: Hobbit issues: SHA/phbg carb

.35mm points seems really large!

Re: Hobbit issues: SHA/phbg carb

[Radium City] kyle k $ /

no ur thinking in inches .35 mm is .014in

Re: Hobbit issues: SHA/phbg carb

black plug =rich so probably not a lean bog . Try choking the carb, a little at a time, with fingers, and see if it's better or worse(rich or lean). Is your timing good ? check for airleaks?

Re: Hobbit issues: SHA/phbg carb

Re: Hobbit issues: SHA/phbg carb

i know it's not electrical (replaced points and condenser) - although it could be the coil...has bright blue ass spark though.

guess it could be the seals? i have tried 69,63,61, & 59 jets in the 14.12 sha with same results...it will idle great, but then do nothing when given gas. any ideas?

Re: Hobbit issues: SHA/phbg carb

Solved. Stuck reeds. Thanks everyone

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