505 1d clutch cable opening leaking

Has this happened to anyone I have a sachs 505 1d motor and it leaks trans fluid out of where the clutch cable goes into the case. I unscrewed the plug and the fluid is right there at the bottom of the fill hole so its not overfilled. But when the motor is running the fluid is leaking out around the cable.

Re: 505 1d clutch cable opening leaking

I am using type f trans fluid in it.

Re: 505 1d clutch cable opening leaking

♣Slew Foot♣ /

you have a little too much, it will settle itself,

when it gets hot it expands and becomes more viscous, it gets ramped on the clutch and you get some spin off.

i am using a mix of lucas gear oil and marvel mystery oil to thin it out a little.

its a little slow after starting but when she warms up she burns @ 26 mph, 505 1A

Re: 505 1d clutch cable opening leaking

I've got an over filled 42mph D it's fine as long as it isn't low don't worry. It helps if you have one of the little metal cable end/covers on the end for a little bigger diameter to help seal it.

they came with rubber boots stock on the cable going into the tranny. Maybe try some silicone or something to try and seal it up

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