moby wiring

I bought a 79 moby 50v. The bike is wired with the 12V lighting coil wired to the head light and the 6V lighting coil wired to thr tail light. The tail light has a 12V in it and does not work. I read the wiki and also saw in a forum that Rebel-moby says to not wire the 6V coil with the 12 V coil. I want to have a brake light and eventualy add turn signals. Can I switch the 12V bulb to a 6V for the tail and brake light? Will I blow out my headlight if I don't wire the tail light into the 12 coil? Can I rewrap the 6V coil to have 12V or replace the 6V coil with a 12V one? Do I have to get a battery and rectifer and voltage regulator to have turn signals? I can't find a wiring diagram for mobys with turn signals. are there any bikes with turn signals and no battery that I can find a wiring diagram for? I am on a low budget so I dont want to buy the CDI. If I change the 6V coil for a 12V do I wire them in parallel? Will I need to isolate the coils from one another? Will i need 2 rectifers if I have have 2 12V coils?

Re: moby wiring

Look inside your genny to see if you have a 2 coil or 2 coil 6/12volt genny. If you have the 2 coil then the 6v must be wired to an accessory or to the common in order to get a spark. If you have a 3 coil genny then you have one coil for ignition, one for 6 volt and one for 12 volt so you do not have to have a 6 volt accessory. Do not wire the 6volt to the 12volt.

For turn signals just get a setup for a bicycle and get rechargeable batteries.

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