Help identify this kit...... Tomos

I have a tomos targa that my son bought and I think it needs a piston or at least a ring.

Its an aluminum cylinder, my calipers say 44.9 at the skirt so lets say its 45mm.

The piston looks just like the one in this link:

But the cylinder does not match.....

The cylinder looks exactly like this one:

but here, the piston shown is different. My piston has small round holes, not those rectangles.

Yeah the piston I have def. looks like the Kstar Puch 70....

I suppose any old 45 mm ring would do but Id feel better with a new piston......

There is a Puch airsal piston kit, 45mm and it has the round holes like mine, but there is a recess at the wrist pin area, I wonder if that matters,....and my head sure looks like a Puch head.

Its crazy but I wonder if this is a mis matched set, this piston and must have run though, there is some carbon, not a lot.... (edited)

Re: Help identify this kit...... Tomos

Bottom line, seems to me I have a TCCD jug with a Kstar piston, Wonder if thats why it is not running. The Kstar piston kit is only 27 bucks, but the TCCD is 50. Just dont know which to buy, the one I have already or the one that looks like it is supposed to go with my jug!?!?!?

Re: Help identify this kit...... Tomos

You're probably right about the kit, You can also look here to compare and help identify:

The kits are very similar including the boost port design so it's not unlikely someone would use one with the other piston. the main thing (other than matching bore and wrist pin to dome, is that the piston ports (holes near the ring), match up with the boost ports on the intake side of the cylinder wall. many people open them up to match them to the windows. Same for the cutouts in the piston and cylinder skirts for the main ports.

How is the condition of the cylinder wall? If compression is your issue, and the piston is ok, it probably just needs a couple times through with a brake cylinder hone in a drill and some oil, and a new ring.


~M (edited)

Re: Help identify this kit...... Tomos

The bore looks pretty good, I think it is a plated bore. Nice and shiny, no wear spots. The piston I have has small round holes that line up with the boost ports, rather then the larger square cutouts on the piston I think should go with the jug.

Yeah, it had to have been running when the clutch went ballistic and broke apart, but I think the peds been down a while judging by the tank I had to clean out. If I can find just the ring I will try that first.

Thanks for the reply! My son is pretty excited that it is a 70 kit on it. I will have to upgrade my old V1 to keep up I bet!

Re: Help identify this kit...... Tomos

You can file those holes into 2 bigger ovals and it will almost be the same as a tccd. Rings can be had on for $15. Really though, its kind of a mismatched entire set-up. But theres nothing wrong with that, just gonna take a little cut and weld to make intakes and exhausts that will fit. Who did you buy this off of? What probably happend was they blew the clutches seized the stock cylinder, then threw a random kit they had laying around on it to sell it to you. So be prepared for more of that kind of workmanship.

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