help with kinetic

i had my throttle cable snap on me a while back i toke to a shop to fix or get a replacement and they never got a round to doing either and lost my orginal cable and i cant seem to find one the right lenght or any thing close to it any help would be very appcited it a 94 trf kinetic ty in a advance

Re: help with kinetic

srsly? i dunno what kind of shop you took it to that can't at least cut and modify or make you one to size out of sleeve, cable, and knarps, if they can't find one that fits.

anyway, welcome to MA, please search and read before asking questions.

quickest: you can go to a motorcycle or scooter shop, get the closest cable you can find, and do what i suggested above

easiest: go to,, or one of the other fine online shops, or google ffs, search for kinetic or vespa throttle cable, and pick the one with the right ends and closest length to what you need.



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